Chrome Extensions

Class Charts

Organize students into learning groups, manage and track behavior, and print seating charts.

EasyBib Toolbar

Cite websites with one click and receive advice on the credibility of the websites you are citing.


A YouTube extension that allows you to add interactive elements and accountability features to any video.


Quickly enable and disable Chrome extensions, keep your toolbar clean, and launch apps right from the list.


Enables flexible, efficient, rubric-based grading of Google Drive resources when paired with Doctopus

Google Translate

Easily translate highlighted text or an entire site.


Offers writers comprehensive feedback on grammar, word choice, tone, and more


A powerful PDF creation and annotation tool with real-time collaboration and saving to Drive

Move It

Presents you with a random brain break and exercise to complete at an interval of your choosing

Office Editing

View and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with Docs, Sheets, and Slides, even if you don't have Office installed.

Print Friendly

Remove ads, resize text, remove images, delete text, and save websites as PDF documents.

Quick QR Code

Converts the website you are currently viewing into a QR code with just one click, even when offline


Adds features to make text more accessible, such as text-to-speech, text and picture dictionaries, speech-to-text, custom summaries, and more

Remote for Slides

Control Google Slides remotely on any device, including YouTube playback and timers.


Capture, edit, and share videos of your browser tab, desktop, or webcam in seconds.

Seek and Hide

Allows users to enhance their focus on any website or Google Doc using a text box to narrow their focus and fading the rest to black

Share to Classroom

Allows you to push websites to any of your Classroom classes so that they open instantly on students' computers


A simple drawing tool that allows users to create and save drawings at the click of a button


Use in conjunction with the Slides add-on for seamless integration of Slido.

Turn Off the Lights

When watching videos, the rest of the page will fade to dark like a movie theater.


A whiteboard extension that allows for annotation over any web content displayed in Chrome