GSuite Add-Ons

autoCrat [Google Sheets]

Take data from a spreadsheet and mass-generate personalized documents to save as PDFs or send as email attachments.

Doctopus [Google Sheets]

Mass-copy, share, monitor student progress, and manage feedback for student projects in Google Drive.

Flippity [Google Sheets]

Easily turn a Google Sheet into a set of online flashcards, game, word search, name picker, and more.

Flubaroo [Google Sheets]

Quickly grade and analyze student performance on multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank assessments.

FormMule [Google Sheets]

A mail merge tool that allows you to send targeted, personalized emails from a Google Sheet

NearPod [Google Slides]

Integrate NearPod activities and content directly within Google Slides without switching apps.

Pear Deck [Google Slides]

Pear Deck allows teachers to effortlessly add interactive questions and formative assessments to Slides presentations.

Slido [Google Slides]

Engage audiences with live polling and Q&A without ever having to leave Slides.

YobGraph Editor [Google Docs]

A powerful, easy graph creation tool that works right alongside the Doc you are working on